Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry

In summer 2019, Tim taught Electronic Structure Theory at the Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry, with co-instructors Suri Vaikuntanathan (Statistical Mechanics), Michael Feig (Biophysics), and Ignacio Franco (Chemical Dynamics).

Modern Materials Technologies

In 2018-2019, Berkelbach group members, in collaboration with the MRSEC at the University of Chicago, organized and ran a weekly colloquium, "Modern Materials Technology", at the nearby Lindblom Math and Science Academy.

Organic materials expert Jonathan explains the science of polymers, found everywhere in our daily lives, and runs a hands-on demo of polymer cross-linking in sodium alginate.

James sparks a student discussion about electronic conductors and insulators, as well as circuits, lightbulbs, and light-emitting diodes, while Malte helps measure the wavelength of lasers using diffraction.